All about KillerPay
KillerPay is simply the best and most secure system for merchant payment processing, specializing in servicing hospitality venues.
It enables buyers to purchase goods and services using a multitude of digital assets, allowing them to enjoy extremely low transaction rates with a “cash back” mechanism for all the KILLER token holders, and >1% processing fees for Merchants using its native token “KILLER”.

KillerPay’s system can be used almost anywhere, but has unique operational advantages for both customers and merchants in the hospitality sector.  Specific back-end reporting capabilities allow operators to fully reconcile payments, including; appropriate taxes, log server identification, and reconcile tip allotment with the merchant’s POS reports and receipts.  Currently, almost 100 merchant partners have signed up to test the KillerPay system and accept the KILLER token as payment for goods and services. 

Merchants will have an option to convert their crypto payments immediately into their native currency, such as USD, instantaneously at the time of transaction. 

The goal of KillerPay is to provide unique benefits and access to our users and holders and will be available for both Apple and Android.