What is KillerWallet?
Lower gas fees + faster payments = happier customers.

KillerWallet was built for convenience allowing users to accumulate, send, and receive a multitude of cryptocurrencies from their smartphone including the ability to use an email, a phone number, or simply the username of the recipient to send funds.  It boasts not only extremely fast transfer rates but more importantly the lowest transfer fees on the market.  KillerWallet flawlessly integrates with KillerPay to purchase goods and services, specializing in hospitality venue applications.

The key feature of KillerWallet is its versatility across blockchains.  With one app downloaded to a smartphone, users can send and receive a multitude of crypto assets on a variety of blockchains.   New users will appreciate the simplicity of purchasing crypto directly within our Wallet.  Additionally, crypto to fiat currency conversions are supported including withdrawals to the user’s bank account.

KillerWallet contains a series of security protocols so that its users can enact their desired safety level including: user-generated password, MFA, and biometric data on mobile devices. We are currently in negotiation with a third-party company to provide additional security features.